Daily Answers: By Small and Simple Things

As the pandemic and uncertainty continues, I feel restless and stuck. This week many of my scripture study questions have been about how to repent, how to improve, how to progress, how to become unstuck. The “Come Follow Me” reading for the week included the scripture, “by small and simple things are great things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6). As I’ve pondered this, I realize that I need to continue to do the small and simple things and recognize the benefits of small and simple routines. My daily scripture study has kept me anchored to my Savior. The consistent structure of family prayer and scripture study has built a foundation for my children who are grown and my child left at home. The Book of Mormon is a miracle created in countless small and simple acts from those who molded the plates, inscribed the words, passed them down, preserved, hid, translated, published, and shared. My progression is guided by repenting in small and simple ways. As I ask what I need to do to repent, to turn to Christ, to be humble, the answers are to appreciate what I have, appreciate others, recognize my blessings, speak kindly. I even asked one day this week, “What are the small and simple things I need to improve?” The answer was that my current daily scripture study and revelation are a great blessing to me and I need to continue.

Daily Answers: A Soft Heart

My daily question in my scripture study today was “How can I have a soft heart?” There’s a lot of divisiveness right now about the corona-virus and racial equality. Instead of being fearful and defensive, I’d like to have personal peace and empathy for others–a soft heart. Today I read in Alma 30 about Korihor, the Anti-Christ. Alma is grieved because of the hardness of Korihor’s heart (Alma 30:46). Instead of making a list of all that Korihor does to have a hard heart like “resist the spirit of truth” (Alma 30:46), here’s a list of what I can do to have a soft heart.

How to have a soft heart:

Believe the prophecies spoken by the prophets (vs 6).

Choose to serve the Lord (vs 8).

Believe that there is a Christ (vs 12).

Have faith in what I cannot see (vs 15).

Look forward to a remission of my sins (vs 16).

Believe in the atonement of Jesus Christ (vs 17).

Be wise in whom I believe (vs 20).

Rejoice in the coming of Jesus Christ (vs 22).

Believe in the righteous traditions of my fathers (vs 23).

Partake in ordinances and performances which bind me to Jesus Christ (vs 23).

Believe in the freedom of righteous choices (vs 27).

Be grateful for the service of my church leaders (vs 28).

Believe that God is real and known (vs 28).

Labor in the church and rejoice in the joy of my brethren (vs 34).

The truth is joyful (vs 34).

Embrace the Spirit of God (vs 42).

Recognize the testimony of all things–the holy prophets, the scriptures, the earth, all things upon the face of the earth and its motion, the planets (vs 44).

Submit to the spirit of truth (vs 46).

Bring other souls to the truth (vs 47).

Recognize the power of God (52).

Believe that the Lord will support his children now and at the last day (vs 60).